Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - 09/30/2019

I’m going to be trying Sandra of Diary of a Stay at Home Mom's, Happy Homemaker Monday.

I live in southeastern Massachusetts, so far summer is lingering, it’s almost Indian summer feeling. Come August I really rely on air conditioning because of my ragweed and other allergies, even at night as otherwise my post nasal drip can turn into a respiratory infection. So it’s been lovely over the past few weeks to have my windows open and enjoy fresh air indoors. Today was warm 68° but with on and off overcast and a crisp breeze that was a reminder of the fact that it’s Autumn.

Monday - Mix of sun and clouds 68°
Tuesday - Chance of showers in the AM, breezy 75°
Wednesday - Sunny but rain by midday 75°
Thursday - Cooler with showers 55°
Friday - Cloudy with AM showers 60°
Saturday - Sunny and fall like 61°
Sunday - Warmer 67°

What I’m reading:
I just started reading The Library Book by Susan Orleans. It’s initially about the fire that took place in 1986 at the central branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, but became a paean to libraries and librarians and what they mean to their respective communities. It’s not the usual sort of book I choose but I signed up for a book club at my local library and this is their selection for October.

On my tv:
Poldark season 5 episode 1
I enjoyed Patricia Heaton’s new series, Carol’s Second Act, Thurs at 9:30 est on CBS. It’s about a retired teacher who went to medical school and is now an intern in a hospital. It’s a comedy but has it’s serious side as well.

I’m skipping this, for this week as I hadn’t actually planned for it. I won’t shop until tomorrow and I get ideas from the circular about what’s on sale.

My to do list:
Laundry, wash floors in kitchen and bathroom, shop for groceries.

What I’m creating: 
I’m embroidering a bureau or dresser scarf, it’s like a runner for the top of a bureau drawers. It’s white cotton with gerbera like daisies in shades of pink and white with green leaves and stems.

Looking around the house:
It’s very quiet, there is a little breeze which is enjoyable.

From the camera:
I won’t be taking special photos like Sandra and others do, all that often, but I wanted to include this photo I took of slices of Sandra's Grandpa Julio's Simple Vanilla Cake, that she was gracious to share on her blog. It looked so good I had to make the recipe. It was delicious, everybody loved it.

On my prayer list:
My daughter Annie, my friend Stephanie and her family who are on a trip through Italy and then to Fatima in Portugal.

Bible verse:
For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 11, Never Forget

I will never forget the morning of September 11, 2001, we had returned home around a bit after 9am from a treatment my husband received at the hospital. Our phone was ringing, my husband Steve's friend Bob, asking if we had the tv on. After we turned it on, we saw there was a national news broadcast and within minutes we saw a plane fly into what was the second World Trade Center building at that time we didn't know the first had been struck. We soon were hearing about a third plane, hijacked by Muslim terrorists that was crashed into the Pentagon.. about a half hour later we learned of a fourth plane that had crashed in a field in Shanksville, PA, even later we learned that passengers who had been told by loved ones in phone calls about the previous plane crashed soon learned another set of Muslim terrorists were on their flight and they tried to stop them.

We later learned the passengers learned the terrorists intended to fly that flight into the White House in Washington, DC, and they sacrificed themselves to prevent this from happening. It was a terrifying experience, and left so many feeling helpless. So many were glued to their television sets watching New Yorkers fleeing the downtown area, and police, fire and rescue crews all covered in the ash and as we know now asbestos and also the truly helpless workers in the towers some who leapt from the towers to their deaths. My eldest was in a morning class and called on her cell phone, we didn't get know the scope of this, so we told her we were driving to get college to pick her up. It's something we will never forget.

The next day, we learned that a young man we,and many across the country had gotten to know on the very first reality show in the US, Murder in Small Town X, Angel Juarbe,  a NYC firefighter, despite being off duty had rushed to suit up and join his fellow firefighters at Ladder Company 12 at the towers. The last time Angel Juarbe had been seen, he was climbing the stairs in the second tower to try and find, and lead to safety any survivors he could find. Not too long after the second tower collapsed. Juarbe was for so many a personal connection to the victims  The program, Murder in Small Town X had started airing that summer, and he had become a viewer favorite. Kind, helpful, he didn't exhibit any sign of the petty, out for him/her self behavior of some of the other competitors. In fact he was the winner, he would have received his prizes the week after September 11 in the final episode. Each September 11th, I remember him as well as the many others, the other victims, including the heroic first responders,and also the brave young men and women who joined our military forces to defend our nation.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Roasted Butternut Squash (Diced or Halved) | Gimme Some Oven

The blog Gimme Some Oven shared such a truly helpful blog post for this time of year. So many want to use the wonderful squash available, but get intimidated by cutting up and/or peeling them. I was wondering what I would post as a first post and then saw this and felt it was ideal to share this link:

Roasted Butternut Squash (Diced or Halved) | Gimme Some Oven: This BEST roasted butternut squash recipe -- easy to make with either diced or halved butternut squash. Plus ideas for various seasonings you can add too!